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Designer Furne One launches his Couture Collection 2010 to kick-start the season with exhibitions, fashion shows and appearances in Los Angeles and Germany.

Furne One is the couturier I keep tabs on. The only ONE. And so, I am not surprised that I discover myself en route to FURNE ONE’S StyleKingdom. After all, had I not winged for a single show some years ago, when he debuted at the Emirates Towers Godolphin Pavillion- A JOURNEY TO A STAR.

Today one of fashiondom’s chic address….is AMATO Couture House owned by FURNE ONE.

Sometimes, I feel that the designer sees himself as the most unlikely ONE to go international.. His own talent, as also his vast success, seem to confound him. Which is why he never stops…. He set the bar many years ago and he continues to raise it, for the most part playing out his own creativity , almost like a man alONE.


The sheer effort, creativity and breadth of his vision, confront me now as I step into the intricacies of a designer whose sensibilities and push-to-the-wall working habit is a trait so elusive from the rest of fashion wannabes.. He is blunt, as always, as he seems to be thinking aloud: “I am not really sure what the inception of the idea was, except that I have thought for a long time… that a lot of us designers have been disdainful about what is couture…and couture is about LUXURY and about doing fine clothes” he says.

The recession ironically put things into perspective.

furne ONE


FURNE ONE has been inspired by the BRITISH India and INDIA itself..from colors ,heritage,tradition and people. One’s couture, is about finesse and real fine detail, even Western couture would be amazed at the hand detail.”So I thought why not show it in a setting that people will relate to and conceive of this detail, he muses.” New techniques in embroidery, a vast palette of colours take his collection to the next level of couture. As also blings and Swarovski elements, and other precious jewels fit for a haute couture ensemble augment with requisite shine.

And the fit! FURNE ONE’S garment embraced the body, enhanced curves, moulded and showed new techniques…it is just a perfect fit!

“I love to do these other projects like doing a fashion show in L.A.this February 2010 and in Germany this June,because it makes me happy and when I come back to work I feel new. I like to work all the time…for me work is fun.” In the middle of his spring/summer collection, planning campaigns and star shoots, off to New York for celebrity fittings, FURNE ONE has made sure that he has conquered his great CHALLENGEs with élan

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Grand Prize Winner:RUNWAY ART COMPETITION 2009
words by: BUTZ FUENTES

Ignacio Loyola is sitting smack center in a larger section on his studio flat somewhere in Dubai.Wearing an off-white shirt and a black cargo shorts, he looks more geeky and nerdy out- of -school student rather than a fashion impresario.All morning the frail- framed style maverick was twisting rubber bands, curving paper ropes and clipping aluminum strips taken from cloth hangers.


grand prize winner IGNACIO LOYOLA

Meet the new “IT”designer La Loyola…the Grand Prize Winner at the RUNWAY ART Competition 2009 in the Burjuman Center, the master of synthetics and organic elements- conjurer of spectacles who inspires bout of giddy creations..wowing his way to the bank with his 250 k prize money.

Ignacio Loyola is the new breed of artist’s artist, admired for his advance style sensibility and experimentation…avant guardish and terribly beyond norms.

His phenomenal prowess of transforming thousands of elastic rubber bands into a wearable art is fait accompli, patiently arranging and weaving symmetrical patterns to form a perfect fit collection without the basic bodyform and measurements, a vindication from the daunters and pragmatic coterie of vultures…smacking their faces….. what Loyola is all about.

Winning awards in his native Philippines..he enthralled audience in Paris where he received accolades and ovations..his rendezvous and penchant for international ego boosters.


“Creativity is my porn”, he coyly muses while twisting organic recyclable papers brought especially from Divisoria in Manila delivered via air cargo to Dubai,funneling the immaterial thought of the materials he was using for the contest theme-Opposites Attract. Objective and all encompassing in his working skills, Ignacio’s playful and youthful craftmanship echoed his maturity in designs and style.

No element was left untamed…from the nicely fitted pantsuit to the hooded shoulder pumped- up, every little pieces veered frenetically to one whole spectrum…a wearable art!

Born in Cavite, Loyola spent much of his childhood in his parent’s butterflies and loving nature to the fullest.It is easy to see how the creativity in him developed and nortured,from the deep azure blue of the beaches, earthen spectrum of ancestral and colonial houses alongside colorful and rustic miles of salt seabeds…all arranged and photographed in vivid colors and in a grid beyond Loyola’s mind.


“You see how constructed it is?…and you see how it is constructed” he chimes, trying to explained to me how he wanted to prove that art is not magic…but a long and painful process and sleepless nights…marked by experiments that may succeed or fail.

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Christian Espiritu's Timeless Haute Couture Collection

Merely mentioning their names evoked unparalleled virtuosity whose iconic creations resonate one huge echo reigning supreme among their peers.

Though most never had the luxury of compiling their fabulous creations into books and autobiographies, their high knowledge in creating works of arts are laudable and deserved to be given the highest accolade for their brilliant contribution to the industry.

They lived and breathed fashion, blossomed into artists of high caliber and merit, translating style knowledge into exquisite and fabulous creations something mind-blowing to the ordinary and less gifted.

The Philippines’ pool of great talents not just end on hailing the ten, lots can be seen on downtown L.A., or the bustling Camdentown in London,the eclectic streets of Diera in Dubai and Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi, the glow of Swaikit district in Alkhobar, King Fahd Street in Riyadh, Palestine Street in Jeddah, or even in the glorious Malate, Quezon City,Tayuman, Makati and Cebu…whose artistry reached standards so high , that creating top ten is an understatement.

So let me put the undisputed Maestros in the pulpit, without bashing the rest of those equally talented and highly regarded artists.

Some might not agree to my choices,there are lots of famous names, unheralded mortals crying for recognitions.
…..let mediocrity die on its natural death, since fashion clichés have to be used, then it can be told that the rest is history.

My choice for the top maestros is based on their exemplary visions and extraordinary talents whose undisputed works inspire the young, the kind of mark that makes us proud of.

The first NATIONAL ARTIST in Fashion 2000

The Second NATIONAL ARTIST in Fashion 2009










Living up to: LOUIS VUITTON


So you’ve splashed on that icon of a brand. But do you deserve to don the world’s most coveted monogram? Really, who’s wearing who?



In retail theraphy, having a Louis Vuitton signifies succes…”success made flesh”; a self indulgence to those who have “arrived”, conjuring up a vision of extravagance and a posh lifestyle.Buying a Louis Vuitton is about buying dreams.

There’s no denying the social status and recognition the venerable monogram represents. Owning a piece of desire in a name that wealth and sophistication is often self-obsessed and egoistic in nature.

But if you think for a second that an LV slung over your shoulder or arm endows you instant class- think again. Because when it comes to such prestigious brand like this- you gotta deserve it, dahling!




Iconic and legendary, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Sold at high-end official outlets, it commands high price in luxurious leather goods, ready-to-wears,shoes,trunks and accessories.
Louis Vuitton speaks class, elegance and style. Made from the finest materials and crafted to perfection, it costs a fortune.

The beauty and durability of LV screams for possession- an ultimate seduction to spend a disgusting amount of money just to own one.

Saving to purchase your dream Damier or Monogram Speedy or Messenger bag- did guilt occupy your brain? And just maybe, did the thought of laying your hands on the most coveted brand actually massage potion your ego?

Will you exude “that feeling” when you wear an LV, shoulder pronounced, hips to the side and lips in an instant pout, showing off to the world that you have an impeccable sense of style and taste? Or will you nonchalantly brush off the attention you get(pretend that you don’t care) when you casully carry your LV Neverfull bag? Or will you scream self-advertisement when you hold your LV Limited Edition? Of course not! But oh, the dilemma!




To be considered a true Louis Vuitton devotee, one needs more than just merely holding or wearing the bag.
Do you have the attitude to establish the splendor of having a Vuitton? The big Q is- is it you carrying a Louis Vuitton or is it Louis Vuitton carrying you, for fashion sake!

Would you consider a faux LV Eva bag, which cost roughly a quarter than the original tag, a good buy? A nice little replica of the true Eva?

It’s a fashion MORTAL SIN!!!!!!!

Fake LV pay little attention to details and have horrible quality. Pay heed too, because these “poor pretenders” will get you in trouble, not to mention bring red face shame ,shame, if you have the impertinence, even cluelessness, of travelling with them to countries that don’t tolerate fake goods.

Because beyong Greenhills and Karama, these babies are not all that welcome, honey!!!

LUXURY will always come with great responsibility. It is easy to recognize the distasteful flaunt of wealth- buying nice opulence to vulgarly display a can-buy-it-all attitude.There are those who barrage malls and cafes with LV so unashamedly loud and pugnacious.

I totally abhor this kind of ignorance. Especially those who wear chalice dusters in prints with slippers and carry an LV putting the BAG to shame….it begs for JUSTICE!

YOU JUST CAN’T ROAM AROUND UNFASHIONABLE AND EXPECT TO ACQUIRE INSTANT STYLE by just wearing the brand. Leave the bag alone and carry better a BAYONG! Match to Match.

Educate yourself, hire a personal stylist to elevate your fashion aesthetics. Reinvent. Bring out a new you.

True blue LVholics have an aura of elan and sophistication. Once LV touches thier arms and shoulder, they are transformed to divas and celebrities with savoir-faire to match.

“It’s a part of my fashion diet” says Francis Izhcka Zeta, a fashion stylist at JCK Couture in Sheikh Zayed road. A rabid brand addict, he possessed a Damier Graphite Messenger, a classic LV Monogram bag, an LV Neverfull, wallet,shoes and scarves aside from his Pradas, Guccis, Ferregamos Diors and Balenciagas and wears his brands skillfully with savvy of a fashion snob.


LV TO ENVY / CLASSIC Messenger Bag

A new entrant to the LV Club is Ralph Ramirez, a boutique owner in Sharjah who indulged on a set of bags in Paris recently, reinventing himself totally by ditching a dull and boring wardrobe of the past to a smarter and of-the-moment DOLCE & GABBANA befitting his new acquisitions.

Another fashion savvy LV carrier is Valentino Taguba a fashion designer in Dubai matches the haughty brand with his exciting style sense expressed in smart casuals and great attitude.

TRUE “LVliciousness” is not just about what you carry but how you carry it.

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Sensuality and glamour were the notes at the Swarovski Crystallized Fashion Show.
Designers from the region showcased their versatility and potentials by interpreting cities around the world likeTokyo, London, Miami, Rio,Mumbai,Paris and Dubai in their designs with specified time of the day.Presented at the elegant The One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai,the diversity of arts and styles propelled great fashion prescrptions and expectations to an exhausted and recession filled fashion houses abroad presenting low key collections, leaving a bleak future in the style industry.

Significantly, Swarovski’s high essence of crytallized stones and components imbued dazzling embellishments that complimented the haute feel of every masterpieces of dream creations of designers.

A compendium of designs and inspirations from eclectic mirage of stylist where a mindset of only-the -best mantra was supposed to be the creed of the know-hows in the fashion scene but as the show went on………lots of them were lost in translations.

I feel a natural compulsion to write and share to you my fashion thoughts trying to focus every near and farsightedness of each collection,cringing possibilities of understanding each style DNA’s direction..ending up to no avail…a dilemma to my style monitor.

But for art’s sake and the joy trip to dream city destinations, here are my favorite picks of the hottest of the much anticipated show in capsules……

ezra santos


Ezra Santos stamped his fashion credibility in his sense of aesthetics, holding each and every little pieces in total control.Smartly played, his collection is flamboyant yet sans fashion hysterics,subdued yet provocative.

Ezra took risque in bringing back sensuality to the runway.The message is clear:dressing is flaunting the body,the alluring silhouettes,its sexiness, taking pride of her figure and exploring the total woman……liberated.

Chaste…Ezra’s muse in voluminous gown in lush emerald green, azure blue and yellow cut outs organza taking inspiration from the Amazons’ mystical bird of paradise.Swavovski crystals in silver,aurora borealis,opal blue,light topaz and blue zircon filled the waistline.




At exactly 9:00PM, she walked down the Avenida Atlantica in downtown Rio hiding in a mask,dragging the 3 meter train across Pria de Botafago.The balmy night added the frenzy and she removed the front open gown exposing a seductive samba mini-dress in yellow.


Mesmerized men tried to capture her attention… she deliberately removed the detachable yellow bubble mini skirt unleashing her adorable and finely cut bodice in black with swarovski crystals dripping till the waist.Bathed with ohs and ahs….the shimmering brillants of blues reflected the sea in Rio…she was the seductress…the chameleon..the woman.



Michael Cinco’s veering up to a new core concept of designs is very interesting. A world class talent, Cinco’s novel approached is synthesis of pushing- limits- creativity so far fetched from his usual works.Known for his dramatic and fabulous gowns that define maximum elegance…this one is surely risk taking and a bold step.
Did he achieve?? ……yup with lots of ooomphs!!!!
The design agenda: HARAJUKU- what is Camden Town in London is Harajuku in Tokyo.
A street fashion, young people every Sunday at Harajuku Station in Shibuya District display a virtual fashion show,uniquely very Harajuku.They have their own interpretation of style, a mix of japanese -gothic, neo-french, and whatever they thought beyond the norm garbs.

Michael Cinco’s excited senses fused wit,humor and clever visuals…the modern-meets-classic, the retro-future that will trendset the fashion…exploding and uber chic, the HARAJUKU COLLECTION.

michael cinco

harajuku collection


Michael Cinco was the Swarovski Show opener.The well heeled crowd applauded as his muse appeared on stage.
At 11:00am she wore Cinco’s pink ensemble.Wearing make-up that denotes rebellion among the young, she was a total chic in sack knee lenght tulle dress gathered at the hemline .The edge clusterd red rosettes matched the swarovski crystals filled bodice in red magma shades. The japonaise’ lantern sleeves gave an ultra lean upper look.The Harajuku constructions and techniques bode well and elevated Michael Cinco’s affirmation of being the best designer in the show.


As she walked across Harajuku street,cosplayers were mad and jealous with her wardrobe upstaging every other creations…and suddenly pulled up the skirt up to the shoulder totally changing from the LOLITA appearance to neo-japonaise warrior girl in style…of course!

Aesthetics played well in Cinco’s origami visuals. Inspired from the vest of ancient Japanese, the pixelated version of Michael Cinco’s origami is an eye deceptive pieces…look closely and the al fresco, 3 dimensional technique revealed.Looking layered, it was actually hand painted illusions! very clever….

Completing the total look was the contemporary shoes adorned with brillants and not forgetting the stockings in crystal pattern.

After Swarovski show, Michael Cinco’s “A” FOR ARRIVED is inevitable..and he is ready for the big time, completing the fashion circle….the Paris Fashion Week!!!!!


Swarovski Crystallized gave the designers carte blanche to unveil their collection with utmost freedom in style philosophy and design.
Each of the designers unquestionable resume and briefs echo their versatility and skill and should translate that to their creations.




After FURNE ONE’S L.A. Fashion Week Collection2010 where he received positive reviews and compared his works to Lebanese designers’ Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and american Bob Mackie, he joined Swavovski Show with lots of mixed emotions…jet lagged perhaps?

His flight of fancy started when he took MUMBAI as his city of destination. Known for its exotic and sultry landscape, lots of inspirations can be used like vivid colors,textures, aromatic spices, traditions,cultures, its deities.

Drumbeated as the night’s big thing…all abuzzed and agoged to the most kept secret and the most tightly guarded collection of the event.

The ethnic sounds of India and the pictures of Mumbai chaos on the twin screen created and built excitements waiting profusely to the most touted creation….and appearing was a silhouette in opera coat.
Full blast of spotlights focused on this muse in degrade royal blue with inserted sticks on the sides of the coat, flip-flapping it fervently like a bird ready to fly.Is this Mumbai or Las Vegas?…or maybe what the designer’s concept was a contemporised Mumbai?or global India,or a hybrid of all things bright and wonderful?….I’ll check my style monitor then.

Designer’s creation bespoke redolent self-expression, reflecting his au naturelle-ness of talent within…a curious blend of artistic jargon and good sense.
The voluminous opera coat was edged with bubbled tulle in royal blue,neatly done.The criss-crossing laif motif gold in the full biased coat was more of french than indian.The swarovski red magmas glittery appeal was something to behold tho’.
The horsehair in blue added after the bubbles exaggerated the look and heavy in visuals.

The face jewelry according to the lady next to me in the show was more arabic, yet for me its universal in appeal….stretching bounderies and limits.
The scale look or chainsaw edge of the opera coat according to my style barometer was more on a sci-fi bollywood movie..? a futuristic indian of unknown kind?….

lovely set

swarovski COLLECTION

At last the coat was removed and the lovely look exposed. Done in swarovski brillants in sheer audacity, the style looked vibrant and va va-voom.
Furne One revolutionised the runway and even though his collection’s thematics were at odds, still its debatable. Fashion is supposedly infinite and sans frontier, its a self expression, he is trying to make a statement here and only time could tell what was it all about.
Furne One still ranks one the hottest designer in the region,critically misunderstood..but who cares anyway, he is the One..!!!!!

furne one collection

swarovski show

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the impalpable DREAM continues…


Collection Notes/ Spring Summer
Dubai Fashion Week 2010


Michael Cinco achieved international accolades after joining the Miami Fashion Week 2009,receiving recognitions and positive reviews worldwide.

He began his career in Dubai a decade ago and quickly established his name as one of the best designers in the region.
Honing his craft, Cinco studied at the prestigious Central St. Martins School in London which brought great influence in his multifaceted creativity and style visions.

Michael Cinco’s atelier at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheik Zayed Road in Dubai, has often been an unofficial sanctuary for his privileged clients, style denizens whose cravings for opulent femininity make them wait eagerly for the fabulous creator of their dreams… which for them can never be filled with no other.

Today, Michael Cinco is carving his niche with style that is exceedingly refined and distinguished, recreating the glamour of the Old Hollywood.
This season he will present at the Dubai Fashion Week a tableau of luxury and fabulous pieces that redefine and reinvent….. Michael Cinco.


Glamour has rarely been theatrical until the unveiling of Michael Cinco’s Spring Summer Collection 2010 at the Dubai Fashion Week on October 24-29, 2010.

” I want to reinvent my dreams” he says, transforming exuberant lightness to surreal images in his creations.A magical moment drawing sheer poetry in his imaginative world of glamour and style.

His impalpable dream recreated 50’s restrained yet utterly polished look:voluminous skirt with sculpted bodice lavishly encrusted with crystals and brillants. Cast in monochrome glints highlights, Cinco’s approach to luxe is nude bustiers with bejewelled concepts, either sporadic or patterned.
The diaphanous volumetric skirts in tulle are unbearably sexy yet charming, blending seamlessly to women with high taste and confidence.

She is a woman with romantic flair in white tulle gown in a plethora of degrade’ purple crystal-filled bodice that diminishes on the see-through ruffled faux layers tulle skirt lined with purple velvet rosettes sprinkled with glitters.

She knows how to hold her own vain fancy in sugar pink monochromed gown set in dark to light pink crystals,minute pearls, beads and sequins.Ostrich feathers with rose petal moulds adorn the hemline of the floaty away-from-the-body skirt.

Hues of blue,pastel colors of green,yellow and pink are the pallets that Michael Cinco paints his iridescent muses attending grand balls and red carpet events.His detailed handwork of flower cut-outs and tulle pieces in geometric patterns added contemporary visual appeal to the Old Hollywood glamour which is his inspiration this season.

Fishtail evening gowns in blue opals,parma purple and chartreuse are sculptured pieces, taking hundreds of artisan hours to perfect each creation..truly works of art.

Cinco’s cocktail pieces resonate the balance between stuffed crystal filled bodices and the almost weightless and dreamlike nude silhouettes pouf with ostrich feathers, dangling strands of beads and diamants.

The wedding gown he created this season summed up his collection- a nude body hugging bustier with different sizes of crytals filling full at the top and disappearing gradually in the serpentine long skirt implanted with full bias pieces made of tulle.The smartly manipulated dose of myriad-shaped crystals in his bridal gown, gave luminosity and sparkling hues when hit by glares of available lights.Again tulle cut-outs of rose petals and geometric insertions reflect a cloud effect like a sinous flight of fancy…floating on thin air.

….. unmistakably Michael Cinco, the creator in control.

this is what haute couture is all about.

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